The Föhrenbach dovetail guides are made of grey cast iron and of aluminium, but makes of other materials are possible, too. The play is adjusted by means of an adjusting bar. All types are equipped with greasing nipples and greasing grooves. All outside surfaces are ground and the guides milled fine. Also on sale are one axe or multi-axe slide types that run on roller bearings. These are made of grey cast iron (GG 25) or of aluminium. Aluminium models are anodized black. Slides for higher loads can be delivered as reinforced execution. The Föhrenbach slide types that run on roller bearings run in prestressed, hardened and ground Vee-guides. Even under high loads they assure smooth running operation, free from play and guarantee an extremely precise lengthwise motion. As compared to guide rails (dovetail type) they enable exact and easy displacement of parts, free from play. Due to this modular system, an optimum version regarding technology and price can be supplied for virtually ever

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