THE IRZ TMS DOWNHOLE MONITORING SYSTEMS ensure sustained real-time monitoring of all practically required downhole parameters of electrical submersible pump (ESP) system, such as pump intake pressure and temperature, motor oil/winding temperature, motor vibrations, current leakage, and pump discharge pressure, as well as up to 24 optional parameters depending on additional equipment used with the sensor (i.e. anti-scaling electromagnetic unit, motor rotation frequency measuring unit, etc.) Data provided by IRZ TMS helps to protect ESP, increase its run life, and optimize oil production process. High reliability of the new downhole monitoring system is ensured by two standalone electronic modules inside the downhole sensor: the main one being operating, whereas the standby one is off. Should the main module fail, the system can switch over to the standby module, either by the operator’s command or automatically, assuring trouble-free operation of the system.

Petroleum extraction - systems and equipment
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