Drain master HP - Auto drain trap

Drain master HP - Auto drain trap with a motorized ball valve


Electrostatic Capacity Sensor Any condensate from compression process can be sensed correctly and discharged. Zero loss of compressed air Uses of two sensors (High level, low level) protects energy loss By air loss discharging condensate selectively. * Our Company We have been worked for efficient treatment of condensation water generated in Air Compressor System. We are producing Auto drain trap that is an economical and reliable condensate discharger, Oil-water separator that is processing unit for condensate contaminated by oil with advanced technique and know-how. However, energy and environment are giving big influence in enterprise activity in 21th century industrial field, and it is considered that frugality of expensive compressed air and processing for contaminated condensate are helpful to solve these troubleshooting Forward, we will do our best to answer customer`s cheering by developing product helpful for enterprise activity. Website : http://www.enesystem.

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