Sirane's Dri-Fresh® range offers numerous absorbent meat pads and soakers and absorbent pads for seafood, fruit and poultry, with solutions from raw produce through to on-the-shelf - Dri-Fresh® offers absorbent meat pads and soakers, absorbent seafood pads and mats, absorbent fruit pads, you name it, Sirane has the solution. Our Dri-Fresh® Resolve® range offers absorbent and compostable packaging solutions for meat - pads and soakers with a range of types, sizes and grades - with Sea-Fresh® offering a equivalent products for the fish and seafood industry, including seafood and fish mats and pads. Dri-Fresh® products are perfect for transportation of meat, fish and seafood. Options include ovenable, compostable, anti-bacterial and more.

Food packaging
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