Material: Special steel Version: Hardened and ground. Hardness 740 ±80 HV 10 Note: From diameter D1 over 15 mm size increases are 0.5 mm. For drill bushes push-in: Note: All bushes have the bore size marked on the upper face, e.g. 15 F7. Form K are quick-change bushes. Dowels or coiled spring pins together with DIN 173-1 flathead screws can be used in place of the stop pin. The bayonet mount is secured with DIN 173-1 clamping bushes together with DIN 912 socket head screws. E2 = Hole spacing when using dowels or coiled spring pins. Diameter D1 over 15 mm increase in size by 0.5 mm.

Drilling and test boring - equipment
  • drill bushes
  • cylindrical drill bushes
  • drill bushes push-in

Product features

Material special steel

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