Drillpipe mud screens


RILLSTAR mud screens have been the choice of major drilling contractors worldwide for over 20 years. About 1 meter long, they provide a wide screening surface, limiting plugging while still retaining tiny debris thanks to 6 mm holes. Their durability is ensured by the choice of quality material and premium making. They are built out of 4 mm thick high-grade carbon steel perforated plates, ensuring a lifetime several times longer than thinner models. DRILLSTAR mud screens are designed with a removable internal spear. When the screen is used on the drill floor, removing the spear allows for easy cleaning of trapped debris. When the screen is used downhole, the spear can be easily fished in case of plugged pipe or if a back-off shot needs to be run. Screens are delivered along with their accessories : - 2 types of interchangeable fishing necks (1/2" and 7/8"). - Retrieving handle for easy manipulation of the screen on surface.

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