Drinking water is a valuable and essential asset. Therefore, it is very important to keep the best quality of water on its way from source to the tap. Various domestic and international Standards take this requirement into account. These Standards define the technical regulations regarding the increase of microorganisms on materials surface for drinking water, respectively for their hygienic and physiological safety qualities. We own decennial experience in the development and production of certified drinking water compounds under the trade-Name SUNAFLEX®. Our compounds are optimized as regards process Engineering and are also available in roller-head-Sheets in various dimensions. Our compounds are suitable for all common processing methods. SUNAFLEX® EPDM drinking water compounds are provided with the most important certifications and are used in a wide range of applications of sealings, Fittings and industrial components.

Product features

Elastomer EPDM
Hardness Shore A 50 to 80 ShA
Crosslinking sulphur or peroxide
Processing Method extrusion, injection, compression and transfer moulding
Application cold and hot water


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