The best MB20 that we have ever had. What‘s new? • Higher speed of up to 34,000 rpm for finer, more precise work. • The motor is protected from overloading by an automatic cut-out. • Restart protection provides a high degree of safety. • Prolonged motor life through optimum dust protection. Inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Safe to operate. • Cost-effective universal motor in a sturdy plastic shell. • Automatic cut-out if wear occurs to the carbon brushes • Soft start. • Degree of protection: IP 20, Protection class: II Specifically designed for versatile use in mould making • Constant speed under load. • Uses various quick-change hand pieces for milling, grinding, polishing, brushing and filing. • The machine can be operated standing upright or suspended from a hook.

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Other characteristics for deburring,brushing

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