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PVC Sliding Door and Window System is equipped with specially designed profiles and isolation-oriented auxiliary materials. Thanks to the TPE gasket used in the butt closure and butt joint profiles, the isolation level has been increased. This system includes different options such as sliding frame, sliding frame frame, sliding frame with fly screen, three rail frame, fixed sliding frame and fixed sliding frame frame, which offer various solutions. Depending on the window and door details, there are two different sliding wing profiles (3 chambers) options in the system. PVC Sliding Door and Window System can be used by using auxiliary profiles that will provide combination with Zendow and Everest Max Systems. In addition, by using aluminum face closing and butt joint profiles, wind resistance has been increased and it has become possible to manufacture joinery in larger sizes.

  • Used machines and equipment
  • Pvc Sliding
  • Sliding Door
  • Window Sliding

Product characteristics

TPE Gray / Black Gasket
Single Claw - PCE Gasket System
Thicknesses for Glass
4, 20, 24, 30mm
Opening Options
Sliding single-rail, double-rail
TS EN 12608-1 Class B​
Thermal Conductivity Coefficients
Uf: 2.0 W/m2K

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06946 Ankara - Turkey