The AGTOS Product Range To find the appropriate machine concept depends, amongst others, on the work pieces’ size, the required performance and on your concept regarding an ideal production process. If there is no way to find a solution using a standard machine, we will be very pleased to offer you a tailor-made blast machine concept. Please do not hesitate to send us your detailed enquiry. We will provide you with every information you may need. Operation Operating procedure of drum blast machines The work pieces are in a normal box, which will be placed into a feeder or is directly emptied. The feeder will be lifted and arrives in front of the machine door, which opens immediately. Arriving at the right height, the feeder swings and unloads the work pieces into the drum. According to the sensitivity of the work pieces this process can be made with caution. The control can be made by PLC or manually. Through this, damage is avoided. At that time, the drum is in the loading...

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