Drum Filter


Application An efficient and reliable fine sieving is essential not only for a comprehensive water recycling but for completely closed water circulations. For these applications, the Drum Filter MDF with mesh sizes between 25 and 2000 µm is the best choice. This filter offers a high capture rate at low operational costs during continuous operation. The choice between different cleaning media is part of the adjustment to the individual site conditions. In addition, different discharge devices and the level controlled drum rotation have to be considered. Function The Drum Filter MDF is a unit made of stainless steel, designed for liquid/solid separation within the field of process and waste water of various industries. From the Drum Filter’s inlet connection the waste water runs off into the filter drum consisting of a steel construction which is covered with a stainless steel wire gauze. The solids settle at the gauze and are transported upwards by the rotating filter drum. The...

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