Drum Heater

Silicone Side Drum Heater HSSD (120°C)


The HSSD - Side Drum Heater is an easy and actual aid to the warming of steel barrels. It has got a higher efficiency than the Insulated Jacket HISD, but no thermal insulating function. For a very quick heating and higher temperatures up to three drum heaters can be used simultaneously for a 200-liter barrel. The Side Drum Heater is available in four standard sizes (25 / 50 / 105 / 200 liters) and can of course be made to measure, too. HSSD - Side Drum Heaters are suitable in particular to defrost frozen or other products, thus allowing to empty the barrels rapidly. Soaps, fats, varnishes and oily products can be melted as well, respectively reduced in their viscosity. In addition, the 200-liter element can be used in conjunction with the HBD Base Drum Heater to shorten the heating-up time further.

  • drum heater
  • drum heating element

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