Drum chippers prepare long and short round wood, slabs, saw mill waste, veneer waste, board trimmings, and various waste wood into high quality wood chips. Annual plants such as cotton stalks or bamboo can also be processed. The drum chipper size and design can be tailored according to the wood type or infeed material to be prepared and the desired wood chip quality. The most suitable sized chipper is determined by the maximum infeed diameter to be processed and the desired throughput capacity. The required chip length will also influence the performance rate of the chipper. Characteristics, Function Large feed rollers assure a process reliable infeed at a constant speed Pivoted feed system for automatic adjustment of the infeed height Hydraulic swing drive system for constant pressure and shock absorption Robust, electrodynamically balanced chipper rotor Large flywheel effect to compensate for sudden peak loads Amply dimensioned V-belt drive Start process supported by...

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