The drum debarker, type PDD, was developed for the economical and gentle debarking of logs. The drum debarker is not only used for the production of fiberboards or OSB but in all industries where thoroughly debarked round logs are required. The system, based on a modular design, was built for the debarking of logs with medium and large diameters at high capacity in order to meet the high demands of panel manufacturers. Features, Function Electromotive drive Power transmission via truck tires Wear-resistant carriers for log transports Adjustable retention time of the logs Debarking by friction of the logs against each other Advantages Adjustable degree of debarking Economical and at the same time gentle debarking Modular design allows an adjustment to the required plant capacity Manufacturing of large-scale machine components on site Options Horizontal conveyer for long logs Gravity feed chute for short logs

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