Drum groat cutter TGS When it comes to the production of groated grains and this homogeneously, with little cutting meal and highest capacities, the SCHULE drum groat cutter is the appropriate machine. Via a continuously adjustable vibrating channel, the grain is fed into two perforated drums made of stainless steel which are mounted on a horizontal shaft. Buckets arranged in the drums ensure uniform distribution of the product to be cut. The drums are provided with calibrated holes, the diameter of which depends on the type of grain to be cut. The lower half of the rotating drums is surrounded by a precision knife basket without shims. The grain kernels falling through the drum holes are cross-cut by the knives. The cutting angle can be varied by different knife baskets. As a result, coarse, medium or fine groats can be produced. Pinwheels arranged above the supporting frame prevent the holes from clogging.

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