Drum pump Alu with motor MA II 3

Drum Pumps


Sealless, with impeller conditionally safe to run dry, for higher delivery head Suitable for neutral, hardly flammable liquids in non-explosive areas. Liquid examples: Thin-bodied and slightly viscous mineral oils, diesel fuel, fuel oil, cooling lubricants, crude oil, glycerine, fatty acids, linseed oil, etc. Features: No grease fillings Optimized drum drainage Modular, service friendly design Benefits: Lube-free pump tube, thus no contamination of the liquid All-purpose resistant PTFE shaft bearing Two impeller geometries for a tailored pump characteristic Easy maintenance without special tools Sealing modules of mechanical sealed (MS) resp. of sealless (SL) pumps are replaceable Material: Aluminium Explosion Protection: not explosion-proof

Product features

Materials Alu-SL with impeller
Housing Alu, PVDF
Bearing ETFE / PTFE
Drive shaft Stainless steel (1.4571)
Impeller ETFE
Immersion tube diameter 41 mm
Temperature of medium max. 100 °C
Hose connection G 1 1/4 OT
Immersion length 1000 mm
Pump capacity max. 78 l/min.
Pumping head max. 16 m wc
Viscosity max. 500 mPas
Density max. 1.6 kg/dm³

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