The first examples of which were built by CMC TEXPAN in the early 1990s.They are aimed at cleaning the material ow fed into the machine byremoving any possible contaminants, the density of which is higher than that of the processed wood chips, e.g. stones, sand, metals, rubber, coarser chipsetc.The principle of operation is based on densimetric separation chieved in a vibratory box. In addition to the vibration of the machine casing, the materialow is subjected to a strong, pulsating air ow, enhancing the separationeect and providing for further “dry leaning” of chips. Heavy contaminants (e.g. stones, glass, rubber and plastic) are removed from the material ow,discharged from the machine side and conveyed to further re-classication,while clean chips are discharged from the machine’s front end.

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Cmc Texpan
  • Siempelkamp
  • Chip Cleaner
  • pulsating air ow
  • dry leaning
  • coarser chips


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