Dry ice blasters. pelletizers and accessories

for manual and automatic tire mold cleaning


Thirty years of expertise in Dry Ice blasting and production, with cooperation at university level and applications in a wide range of business areas: we put all of this at your service. Extend the lifespan of tire molds with non-abrasive blasting methods to preserve the external appearance of new or retreaded tires – curing after curing. Ultra-sonic nozzles are custom engineered for complex patterns, including spring vent inserts. Blast away vulcanized rubber using 100% pneumatic or electropneumatic Dry Ice blasting units, manual or robot-operated. Produce Dry Ice blocks, pellets, micropellets, flakes or dust; store and transport them; protect your workers: we can offer you everything you need for Dry Ice. Dry ice blaster Dry ice accessories Dry ice accessories Dry ice pelletizers (micro pellets); Dry ice pallets storage boxes; Ultrasonic dry ice blasting nozzles (custom design and development); Standard dry ice blasting nozzles (bi-tube)

  • Moulding, rubber - machinery
  • dry ice-making equipment and systems
  • Manual machines for dry ice cleaning and for ice blasting

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36100 Vicenza - Italy