Drying Drying systems for granulates and powder Whether surface moisture, capillary moisture or crystal humidity – each product has its own requirements of the drying. The following applies: With Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG your contract drying is in the best of hands, because we dry granulates and powder carefully according to the specific requirements. On request we can even develop new and innovative drying processes for you. System diversity as a basis for a perfect result With the selected drying process, our process engineers take into account for example the temperature sensitivity, resistance to ultraviolet radiation (infrared radiation), the surface structure and the capillary structure of the product which is to be dried. Of course, the differences in the output moisture content and the desired residual moisture must be included in the procedural evaluation of an efficient drying. However, not every drying system is suitable for every material which is to be dried. To get

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