Dual Chamber Pressure Pulsation & Burst Test Stand

R&D Pressure Pulsation Test Stand for H2 Components up to 2000 bar


The system is a self-sufficient unit and is made of a solid welded frame, contains media preparation, a hydraulic unit, and electrical engineering. The pressure test bench has a secure test chamber for burst pressure and hydrostatic pressure tests and, optionally, a climatic chamber for pressure tests with environmental simulation. Depending on the option selected, pressure change tests up to 2,000 bar and 10 Hz can be generated. With the test circuit for hydrostatic and burst pressure tests, pressure ramps up to 3,000 bar can be generated. It is operated on a support arm PC. For pressure tests according to EG79 / EU406 – Section 4.2 Pressure booster for additional supply Displacement volume max. 15cm³ Frequency up to 10Hz Pressure Load Changes as sine & trapezoidal curve (depending on the expansion volume) Impulse intensifier for small volumes up to 2,000bar Safety test chamber with automatic door Media treatment with dirt and clean tank

Testing equipment
  • hydrogen
  • machines for fatigue tests
  • quality control

Product features

Temperature range -55° to +160°C (without Climate Chamber)
Average rate of temperature change according to IEC 60068-3-5 Heating ca. 2,5 K/min | Cooling ca. 2,5 K/min
Rate of temperature change (linear) Rate of linear temperature change with test material 230 kg alum Heating ca. 1,5 K/min Cooling ca. 1,5 K/min Linear between -20°C…+135°C

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Dual Chamber Hydrogen Component Test Bench Pressure Pulsation and Burst Testing

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