Dust Control Systems

Industrial Dust Extraction


Many types of materials generate varying types of dust, dependent on the processes and materials used in the production environment. Some of these dusts can be hazardous and potentially explosive – to keep your work space safe and healthy, careful consideration and planning should be applied when considering dust removal systems. Make integratedAIR Systems your trusted dust control partner and we will do the rest. With experience in multiple industries, such as commercial print, corrugated card, beverage cans and many more, we are dedicated to our trade and ready to work with you. Working closely with HSG258 guidance our Design Engineers can make sure that your systems are compliant with whatever regulations that need to be followed depending on the type of dust or fume that needs to be extracted.integratedAIR System ensure our systems are in line with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) alongside the ATEX Directive.

  • Dust extraction installations and equipment
  • dust control
  • dust extraction system design

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