The COHPAC™ (Compact Hybrid Particulate Collector) and TOXECON™ are EPRI licensed technology which is centered around the combination of an existing or new electrostatic precipitator with a Hamon fabric filter with high air to cloth ratio in a LPHV pulse jet fabric filter. The fabric filter is located in a separate casing downstream of the ESP or within the existing ESP’s casing by replacing one or more fields of collecting plates with fabric filter modules. The technology is based on the fact that a fabric filter collects higher levels of particulate - and finer particulate - than an ESP of equivalent footprint. The bag house acts as a «polishing device» which can bring particulate emissions into compliance at very low levels and offers an optimal site for injection of sorbents such as activated carbon for mercury control. Fact and figures: Hamon Involved in COHPAC Development and Demonstration with EPRI Since 1991 Experiences on Coal application up to 600 MW Smaller Amount of...

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