The ProSens was specially developed to carry out reliable dust measurement on clean sides after filters. Dust measurement also in large channel diameters Output of dust concentration as absolute value ATEX-certified Measurement of dust concentration at high temperatures Trend signal or absolute value

Product features

Measuring objects Particles in the gas flow
Measurement range from 0.1 mg/m³
Process temperature 150 °C; (higher temperatures on request)
Pressure up to 25 bar)
Flow speed min. 4 m/s
Humidity 95 % rel. hum. or less (non-condensing)
Measuring principle Triboelectric effect
Ambient temperature - 20... +60 °C
Sensor rod Stainless steel; length 500 or 1,000 mm
Housing Aluminium
Protection type IP 66; ATEX; cat. 1/2 GD
Electric connection Connection room DIN M 20
Weight Approx. 1.5 kg
Power supply 24 +/- 10 % V DC
Power consumption 20 W / 24 V
Protection type IP 40 to EN 60529
Ambient operating temperature - 10... + 45 °C
Dimensions 23 x 90 x118 (W x H x D)
Weight approx. 172 g
Connection terminals conductor cross-section 0.2 - 2.5 mm² (AWG 24-14)
Current output signal 4 ... 20 mA, load 500 Ω
Switch output measurement alarm Relay with switchover contact, max. 250 V AC, 1 A
Interface ModBus RTU (RS 485)
Data backup Flash memory

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