DynaFiz ® Dynamic metrology... with confidence DynaFiz ® Interferometer System Key Features: • Dynamic acquisition in turbulent air and extreme vibrations • NEW! QPSI™ vibration-tolerant acquisition • Optimized optical system provides clear visualization of mid-spatial frequency characteristics • LivePhase™ enables real-time Zernike analysis [ watch video] • Movie mode captures wavefront changes over time • High-power, long-life, frequency-stabilized HeNe laser The new ZYGO DynaFiz ® dynamic laser interferometer is a highly optimized optical instrument designed specifically for performing accurate metrology of optics in the presence of air turbulence and extreme vibrations. The high light efficiency of the DynaFiz ® interferometer's optical system, combined with its long life, high power, HeNe laser source, enables operation at high camera shutter speeds that "freeze" vibration. This dynamic capability provides reliable metrology in environments that are too violent for...

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