Helps to improve nasal breathing [1, 2]. Reduces the need for vasoconstrictors [2]. Non-contact manner of application: apply to your clothing and breathe. Contains 5 essential oils and levomenthol. No camphor, no ethanol. Does not induce habituation. A single patch works for up to 8 hours. From the age of 2 years. Read the patient information leaflet (package insert) before use. 1 Radzig E.Y., Ermilova N.V., Zavarokhin S.I., Evsikova M.M. Infectious rhinitis: is it possible to accelerate the nasal breathing normalization? Pediatria. 2016;95(5):86-90. Russian.2 Danilova Ye.I., Trusova O.Yu., Sumenko V.V., Ignatova T.N., et al. The Efficacy of Essential Oil Inhalation in Children with Acute Respiratory Illnesses. Doctor.Ru. 2017;4(133). Russian.

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Product features

Active ingredients menthol-free mint oil (Oleum menthae), eucalyptus oil (Oleum Eucalipti)
Presentation 10 patches in a package


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