Due to its pretty appearance and the matt finish, this light bulb is quite an eye-catcher and can be used in closed as well as in open lights. With a long lifetime of 25,000 hours at an average daily use of 2.7 hours, this LED bulb represents a reliable light source for up to 25 years . The warm white light combined with an authentic colour rendering bestows comfort and warmth in any home. Characteristics: - enables up to 85% reduction of energy consumption (EEC A+) - has a start-up time of - represents a good alternative to traditional light bulbs of up to 60 watts - this LED bulb is available in 3 variants: not dimmable dimmable - can create a great atmospheric lighting, if desired double-click - only emits 70% of the actual light (switch on, briefly switch off - switch on again) A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

Product features

Energy efficiency class A+

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