Relumina is an energy-efficient replacement for standard high-pressure mercury vapour lamps and has the EEC A+. It is a direct retrofit solution, based on CMI technology, and can provide a warm white light for up to 18,000 hours. Another advantage of Relumina is its very good colour effect (pursuant to colour rendering index RA84), as well as its very high light output of 15,000 lumens. Characteristics: - very low energy consumption (EEC A+) - has a warm white luminous colour of 3,000 kelvins - is not dimmable - the light’s existing ballast must not be replaced A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

Product features

Luminous colour warm white (3,000 K)
Base type E27
Energy efficiency class A+
Total luminous flux 15000.0000
Power consumption 170 W
Average lifetime (in h) 18000
Mercury content (mg Hg) 0.00
Colour rendering (in Ra) 84
Energy consumption in kWh/1000 h 187.00
Length 228 mm
Diameter 84 mm
Light output 15000

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