EBW-E100 is a high-quality dial-in/dial-out router with netmapping and port forwarding for remote maintenance of your Ethernet applications. EBW-E100 decouples manufacturing cells with remote access from the surrounding company IT for example. Also many subnetworks with identical local IP addresses can be distinguished and addressed targeted. EBW-E100 is prepared for the INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service. The device can be integrated into a VPN quickly and easily in two steps only using the quick start wizard. The router gets all necessary data and certificates automatically with this. • Professional IP routing • Connection monitoring • Comprehensive security: Firewall, VPN, SNMP • With integrated Linux programming environment (INSYS-Sandbox) • Easy consistent concept of operation • Well-proven INSYS operating system • IoT and M2M infos:   Do You Have Questions? Please send us your inquiry!

EDI, Electronic Data Interchange
  • Professional Ethernet Router
  • IT Security through Network Segmentation
  • Remote Maintenance Services Condition Monitoring

Product features

Router IPv4/IPv6, DHCP-Server/Client, DNS-Relay
Ethernet-Switch (LAN) 2 x RJ45, 10/100 Mbps, fulll-/halfduplex
Full NAT IP and port forwarding, netmapping
Redundancy PPPoE f.ext. DSL modem, 2 dial-out dest.
IT Security statefull firewall, no backdoor
Detection Link loss, Link up, Failed Login
Authentication PAP/CHAP, RADIUS
Configuration Web interface, CLI, text and binary file
Programmable INSYS Sandbox for customer-specific apps
Mounting DIN Rail TS35 (DIN EN 60715)
Operating voltage 10 .. 48 V DC (± 20 %)
Power consumption Approx. 2 W (during connection)
Temperature range -30 °C .. 70 °C (max. 85 °C)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 45 mm x 70 mm x 110 mm (2.6 HP)
GTIN (EAN) 4022892000223
Weight 129 g

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