Distinct Advantages of Enviro Ceramic Diffusers 1. Enviro Ceramic invented a novel anti-microbial inert ceramic: this technology is protecting the diffusers ceramic membrane working surface and more importantly inside the Nano pores, preventing algal and biofilm growth that block the pores. This greatly reduces costly maintenance and the risk of diffusers blocking up and not working effectively. 2. Our unique design with the patented central hole causes the tanks bottom water stream to mix through with the air lift for additional aeration. This increases efficiency as anaerobic water is moved through the oxygen rich stream. 3. The ECD can be used with lower pressures compared to some other competitor’s diffuser. It will however achieve the same flow rate with smaller bubbles due to our unique ceramic and surface technology. Lower pressures mean less stress on your system as well as reduced energy and operational costs. 4.

Aquaculture and pisciculture
  • aeration
  • oxygen
  • air stone