• Product launch
    Mar 15, 2020
    Entertainment and performance - production
    Guide to the Purchase of a Ready-to-Play ER
    Finally you’ve decided to open an escape room. This is good news! Here you will find useful information about the purchase of ready-to-play (turnkey) escape rooms produced by  our company.
    A ready-to-play/turnkey escape room — is a set of props/puzzles and decoration elements. This set includes almost everything you need to start an escape room business.
    What steps should you take? 
  • Useful information for escape room owner
    Feb 10, 2020
    Entertainment and performance - production
    Custom electronics in Escape rooms
    It is not obvious that most of puzzles inside any escape room have electronics inside. 
    1. Some puzzles have rather simple electronics, which can be mounted on purchased circuit board. There are tons of that boards with different sizes. 2. Some puzzles and props inside escape rooms have quite complex electronics with big electric circuit. In that cases we develop and produce custom printed circuit board (PCB). 
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  • Shipping method
    Entertainment and performance - production
    How do we ship packages with puzzles and props?
    Here is info about various methods of shipping our puzzles/props and ready to play rooms to foreign customers. Main idea: we have great experience working with foreign customers and you may be sure, that everything will be delivered on time!
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