Manual chamber filter presses


In the tried-and-tested, gasketed design, the EC-series offers many benefits to the user on top of its ease of operation. Due to the internal drainage, use in even the most hygienically clean areas is possible. The press lock is performed by an automatically self-regulating pneumatic/hydraulic closing system. The automatic closing pressure maintenance ensures that the plate pack always remains closed. An adjustable pressure switch with a potential-free contact is provided for integration into the customer's control system. This prevents the feeding pump from running uncontrollably. Also, as with all AQUACHEM filter presses, the discharge manifold can be generated here at the customer's request. Due to the gasketed design, the seamless backflushing of the filter media in the filter press is possible. The filter press frame is phosphated and powder-coated, offering a high level of protection against external influences.

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Mechanical function of a EC filter press

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