Eddy Current separation system consists of a conveyor belt and a rotor with a magnetic circuit built in 14 or 24 poles; to adapt to the grain-size distribution of the product. All within a steel case and covered by a counter drum . Being separates, the drum and the rotor inductor, allows operation at different frequencies. When the rotor turns at high speed it generates an electric current in the conductive metals (nonferrous), this inductive voltage produces a magnetic field opposite to the rotor, causing the non-ferrous metals being repelled. The rejected metal falls into the hopper by gravity, being separated from the other material. Eddy Current separators are indicated for the separation of non-ferrous metals: aluminum, brass, copper, etc., from inert materials. Used by recyclers in various sectors, production of semimanufactured and other processes. Separation of nonferrous metals in: car crushers, foundry slag, foundry sand, debris in domestic and industrial recycling companies

Magnetic equipment
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