Retractable Bioclimatic System


EDEN Retractable Bioclimatic Pergolas can adjust the shading on your terrace thanks to its fully automatic smart slats, when desired, it offers full protection from direct sunlight, allowing as much sunlight as desired and full opening options. It allows you to regulate the natural ambient temperature when opened and create a water-resistant environment when fully closed. It is the ideal choice for use in hotels, private homes, residences, restaurants, bars and world-class entertainment venues. It offers different variations according to your needs It can be adapted to the architecture of your existing space or independently self-supporting installation variations can be provided. Its special design that provides ease of installation allows the assembly to be completed in just one day. With its aluminum and stainless-steel material, it is resistant to the adversities of time for many years.

  • Tents and marquees
  • Bioclimatic System
  • aluminium roofs



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35060 Izmir - Turkey