EJA series – With airflow adjustment scale dial

Air Nozzles


Features Air booster nozzles producing powerful air blow with small air consumption. Taking in surrounding air, EJA series provides ten times more* blown air than the volume supplied. Graduated scale markings on the nozzle allow for accurate adjustment of blown air volume and intake air volume. Made of stainless steel with high durability. *1/4F EJA 300 Applications Blowing off dust/paint dust, Rejection of inferior products, Blowing off drying Blowing extraneous liquids or powders off of items passing by on the conveyor belt

Nozzles - ferrous metal
  • nozzles
  • Air Blowers
  • industrial spraying

Product features

Spray pattern Round
Pipe conn. size Rc 1/8"- Rc 1/4"
Standard pressure -
Spray angle -
Spray capacity -
Supply air type Compressed air

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Air Nozzles EJA series

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