The edge / stair sanding machine for wooden surfaces


The light and handy machine for the edge area and the treatment of wooden stairs! It is small, particularly manoeuvrable and therefore also suitable for areas that are difficult to access. With the long attachment, the ELAN can also be used to sand surfaces under radiators. This edge sanding machine is easy to handle due to its light and compact construction. Its manoeuvrability facilitates working in areas that are difficult to access, such as when sanding wooden stairs. The sanding discs can be used both for velcro and for tightening. The ELAN has proven its value with professionals, but is also gladly rented by DIY enthusiasts. Applications with the ELAN: This edge and stair sanding machine is mainly used for sanding wooden floors. Due to its compact construction it is especially popular for the sanding of wooden stairs.

Wood sanding machines
  • parquet
  • sanding
  • floor

Product features

Universal motor 230 V / 1,2 kW
Necessary fuse protection at least 10 A
Diameter of disc 150 mm
Diameter of disc, corner attachment 75 mm
Speed of disc approx. 4000 1/min (rpm)
Speed of disc, corner attachment approx. 8000 1/min (rpm)
Overall weight of machine 8 kg

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