Rutile electrodes are designed for manual arc welding of carbon steel structures (with a carbon content of up to 0.22%) in all spatial positions, except for vertical-downward welding. They have increased mechanical and better welding and technological properties in comparison with the MR series electrodes. They provide stable operation from DC and AC welding machines with no-load voltage of at least 60V. Certificates for ANO-21 electrodes: •GOST R Certificate of Conformity Mechanical properties: •tensile strength – not less than 500 MPa; •impact strength (KCU + 20) – not less than 140 J/cm2

Welding work - steels and metal
  • Carbon steel welding
  • Range of electrodes for ferrous metals
  • Welding electrode manufacturer

Product features

Chemical composition of the deposited metal %
C, not more than 0.09
Mn 0.40 – 0.80
Si 0.07 - 0.25
S, not more than 0.035
P, not more than 0.040

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