The EMV-500 is a water/wastewater electromagnetic velocity open channel flowmeter sensor which is available in two sizes: SIZE A is suited for pipes or channels from 150 mm to 500 mm diameter SIZE B is suited for pipes or channels from 500 mm to 2.000 mm diameter. The sensor is encapsulated in an IP68 submersible ultra high molecular polyethylene body to be mounted with a special sensor mounting band in the pipe. When combined with the appropriate level sensor, the EMV-500 constitutes an efficient electromagnetic area/velocity flowmeter measuring both velocity and level in the same cross-section (or slice of pipe). This is a requirement necessary for accurate flow rate measurement using the continuity equation: Q = v x A In addition, electromagnetic sensors are totally unaffected by the concentration of debris or dilution of wastewater by rain. Key Features: Accurate flow measurements Grease tolerant: Grease shedding electrodes allow for reliable data collection

  • Electromagnetic Velocity Flowmeter

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