Any device is only as reliable as the sum of its components. With more than fifteen years of experience in manufacturing tuned and detuned filter reactors for power factor correction, we are now offering our range of line reactors for application in power electronics. Same as with our capacitors, we focus on minimized power losses and maximum durability of the reactor – optimized for your application. Made of high-class transformer sheets and copper wire or aluminium band. Vacuum-impregnated with environmentally friendly, low-styrole resin for long operating life, high voltage strength and low noise levels. Standard terminals: copper terminal lugs, optional with screw-terminal blocks or cables. Integrated reversible thermal switch for monitoring of the reactor and control of external disconnection in case of overheating. Our standard range covers 400V 50Hz up to 300A per phase. Other values are available on request.

Electrical & Electronic Components
  • line reactors
  • Power electronics
  • high voltage strength

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