Fully automatic labelling of various trays/products on the run. The challenge of the task was to achieve a high level of flexibility at high speed and, if possible, without any production downtime due to conversion work. A labelling system arose from this challenge, which is characterized by its ability to run oval and right-angled trays or products without conversion of the transport units. The oval or right-angled trays/products can be labelled on the run with several labels. The products or trays can be top, bottom or side labelled, as well as in all possible combinations of these. The layout of the conveyor line with 2 or 4 tracks ensures that the required output for each product and for every operating condition is achieved. In order to assure quality control and provide end-user information, the labels are printed directly at the labelling system during the labelling operation with the necessary data, such as batch number and use-by date.

Labelling machines
  • automatic Labeller
  • Automatic labellers with transport conveyors

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