E-Line KY-S Busbar

Low-Power Busbar System (40A-63A)
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Low-Power Busbar System (40A-63A)E-Line KY-S Busbar Systems has been designed for buildings and industrial facilities which have lighting and outlet circuits with small electrical machinery and equipments that needs three phase and/or single phase energy needs with 40A and 63 A. KY-S Busbar with its 10A – 16 A tap-off plugs and 32A tap-off boxes are being produced fully automated machines that uses most recent technology in accordance with ISO 9001 and with its quality assurance system certification. Products has been designed in accordance with IEC 61439-6 and tested. Busbar housing is being produced as pre-galvanized sheet also if requested it could be produced as painted with RAL 7038 color.

  • Electrical systems and equipment
  • Busbar Trunking Systems
  • Electricity - distribution
  • electrical systems

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34522 Istanbul - Turkey