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EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) -


SESUNG is specialized in electronics assembly business from designing, prototyping, manufacturing to warranty service. We have superior engineering & manufacturing services ems. SESUNG, an EMS electronic manufacturing supplier, provides PREMIUM EMS and all-in-one manufacturing service including precision machining service and quick delivery mold service. SESUNG has a stable quality management system for quality in electronics assembly business. We have ISO 9001, 14001, TS-16949, IPC-A-610, 7711, 7721, ATEX certifications and IPC member. SESUNG provides specialized electronics assembly business from simple to complex through Precision Machining Work Flow. Available Products are as follows. (1) Gas detector equipment (2) Power line communication module (3) Air pressure measurement instrument (4) Fire safety equipment (5) LCD/PDP TV (6) Digital / Fingerprint door lock (7) Time Lapse VCR and Civil requirement equipment

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