Multi-purpose, high-quality, single-component foam with superior features capable of hardening with ambient air humidity Features - Highly expandable - Paintable finish - Availability of application at low temperatures - Easy application and high efficiency - Resistance to mould and humidity Fields of Application Assembling and insulating door and window frames; insulating pipelines and filling pipeline joints; insulating energy lines; fastening and insulating wall boxes, switchboards and roof panels; filling fractures and cracks Method of Application Ensure that ambient temperature is at a range of +5oC to +30oC during the application. Thoroughly shake the box before using. Attach the pipet to the valve and turn the box upside down. The application surfaces should be cleared from grease and dust. Clean with Sibax NS-22 Foam Cleaner any foam sprayed to unintended points during the application, or foam drips before curing.

Hardware, building construction
  • 600 gr pu foam