Description The product is a fast-curing, flexible and general-use acetoxy-based filling agent used in general insulation, assembling and filling procedures. The agent ensures perfect bonding to glass, glazed surfaces, metals, plastic varieties and coated surfaces. Fields of Application Applied as a sealant to expansion joints between prefabricated structural members; assembly of wooden, PVC, iron and aluminium panels; joints of all structural materials, and wall cracks Features A paint overcoat can not be apply. Easy application. Solvent-free. Resistance to weather conditions after hardening. Technical features are preserved at a temperature range of 20oC to +70 oC. Method of Application Ensure that application surfaces are dry and cleared from grease and dust. If necessary, tape both filling surfaces for a smoother application. Perform the application at the temperature range of +5oC to 40 oC.

Hardware, building construction
  • silicone
  • acetoxy