Main Application Power Plant Biomass Boiler House Hold BBQ Rack Centralize Steam boiler Specification for Saw Dust Pellet Moisture < 12% Ash Content = 1% Volatile Material = 68% Carbon Content = 20% Heat Energy Calorific Value= 4600 kcal/kg Saw Dust Pellet Dimension Diameter : 6-10mm Length: <40mm Saw Dust Pellet Packaging Saw Dust Pellet pack in jumbo bag 800kg/jumbo bag MOQ = 30MT Advantage for Saw Dust Pellet Low moisture to improve burning and transport effectiveness High Heating Energy and efficiency Easy handling and storage Easy Control and Broad application Suitable for most boiler grating system

Wood chips and sawdust
  • wood pellet
  • Wood briquettes
  • saw dust wood pellets
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