The size and modular design of the EOS M 100 make it ideal as an entry level model for Additive Manufacturing. In terms of process and component quality, it corresponds to the EOS M 290, the leading system on the market for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). The beam quality and stable performance of the 200 watt fibre laser guarantee optimum, constant processing conditions for the production of high-quality components. The smaller laser spot with excellent detail resolution is ideal for manufacturing highly complex, sophisticated DMLS components. The building volume and efficient recoating and exposure strategy reduce secondary time, so that parts can be produced quickly and efficiently in small quantities. Thanks to the modular inner design and the powder supply bin, setup and shutdown only take minutes, changing material is straightforward and maintenance is done quickly. The peripheral devices are matched to the industrial manufacturing process and ensure minimum powder contact.

Sintering machine tools
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering
  • 3D Printing
  • Additive Manufacturing

Product features

Building volume Ø 100 mm x 95 mm (Ø 3.9 in x 3.7 in) (height includes build platform)
Laser type Yb-fibre laser; 200 W
Precision optics F-theta lens; high-speed scanner
Scanning speed up to 7.0 m/s (23 ft./sec)
Focus diameter 40 μm
Power supply 200 - 240 V
Power consumption max. 1.7 kW / average 0.60 kW
Inert gas supply max. 4,000 hPa, 50 l/min
Inert gas consumption for flooding: up to 600 l / during building: up to 2,5 l/min
Dimensions (B x D x H) 800 mm x 950 mm x 2,250 mm (31 x 37 x 89 in)
Recommended installation space min. 1.00 x 3.00 x 2.5 m (3 x 10 x 8 ft)
Weight 580 kg
Materials EOS CobaltChrome SP2 (CE 0537), EOS StainlessSteel 316L, EOS Titanium Ti64, EOS Tungsten W1
Software EOSPRINT, EOS RP Tools, Cambridge or Materialise Magics Metal Package and modules
Optional accessoires EOSTATE Laser, wet separator, blasting cabinet

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EOS M 100 - High-end system for the production of complex metal parts

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