With a building volume of 700 x 380 x 380 mm, EOS P 810 enables a fast and cost efficient production of plastic parts directly from CAD data. Parts made out of HT-23 material offer high strength at low weight and withstand high temperatures. A robust system optimized to process HT-23. Ideally suited to manufacture large structural parts, metal replacements and serial applications. Thanks to improved recoating speed, fast digital scanners and high-power lasers the building time is significantly reduced and thus productivity increased. HT-23 a Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) material with encapsulated carbon fiber reinforcement is inherently flame retardant, UV resistant and meets regulations of the aerospace (FAR 25.853) and mobility industry (EN 45545). With a low refresh rate (60% recyclable, little excess powder) HT-23 is contributing to substantially reduce cost-per-part.

Sintering machine tools
  • 3D printing
  • additive manufacturing
  • lase sintering machine

Product features

Building volume 700 x 380 x 380 mm (27.6 x 15 x 15 in)
Building rate up to 10 mm/h (0.4 in/h); up to 2.7 l/h
Layer thickness 120 μm (Other thicknesses technically possible)
Scan speed during building process up to 2 x 6 m/s (23 ft./sec)
Software PSW 3.8 with EOSAME feature, EOSTATE System with Online Laser Power Control

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