EPDM Radiator and air-cleaner hoses

Custom made organic hoses


Suction/Vacuum hoses, radiator hoses, air and water hoses for automotive and industrial applications. Usually made of EPDM. Available in a wide range of standards shapes and sizes.But we also produce bespoke hose with 1 or more textile inserts. We also have EPDM corrugated hoses; for air- cleaner applications in Automotive Filters. These hoses have a higher than usual bend radius for trickier connections, high vibrations and vacuum pressure resistance. The continuous service temperature of EPDM hoses is – 30 degrees Celsius to +120 degrees Celsius maximum, with peak temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius. We also supply EPDM-Peroxide cured hoses, where exceptional compression set and heat resistance is needed.

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