EPIC® H-BE 16 kits

Rectangular connectors kit: Optimally coordinated components


The sets of H-BE 16 connector housing and insert consist of mutually adapted components. Simple ordering without errors is guaranteed. Standard inserts with screw termination, crimp termination, cage clamp termination and Push-In termination The EPIC® H-BE series is suitable for applications that require a reliable connection when working with high voltages and currents Use for railway applications - Brand protection in rail vehicles: test according to EN 45545-2. Requirement sentences R22 and R23. Hazard levels HL1, HL2 and HL3. UL tested for applications in the control cabinet in accordance with UL 508 / UL 2237 Characteristics: EPIC® H-BE 16 screw connection male insert With wire protection EPIC® H-B 16 hood

Connectors, electronic
  • Rectangular connectors
  • industrial connector

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