* EPIC Thumbturn Conversion Euro Profile Cylinder * Conversion Cylinder for use with most European Europrofile cylinder locks * For Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) * One side keyed, one side with knob * Type : Keyed on one side, another side with knob, double sides keyed, half type are available * Knob shape : diamond shape, big diamond shape, round shape, flat square shape * Material : solid brass * Knob material : solid brass * Cylinder core with 7-pin SFIC available * Cylinder length for 7-pin SFIC: 87mm-120mm available * Brass material, different surface finished available (US03, US04, US10B, US15, US26, US26D, US32, US32D)

  • SFIC Profile Cylinder
  • IC Core Euro Profile Cylinder
  • EPIC Conversion Euro Profile Cylinder

Product features

Brand Name SECUTOR
Origin Taiwan
Material Solid Brass
Finish US03, US04, US10B, US15, US26, US26D, US32, US32D
Feature with Small Format Interchangeable Core
Length 87mm-120mm

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Easy to install EPIC euro profile Interchangeable core into mortise lock

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