EPS-EPP silo system

Fabrics and metal silos for EPS-EPP material aging and storage


We supply various types of EPS - EPP aging and storage silos - from smallest of 25 m3 to the largest 150 m3. Our EPS-EPP silos have the following properties: * Antistatic woven polyester silo fabrics with carbon threads (%1) * Fabrics is resistant to dust, chemicals and tearing, but perfect for gas diffusion * Galvanized reinforcement and support profile bars as carcass * Options for the silos partially or fully covered with metal sheets to avoid any of the dust to go out * Options for material transfer and handling system with or without automation For more information about our products and services, please visit www.estechtic.net. You can send your inquiries to fr@estechtic.net.

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  • EPS EPP silo
  • EPS silo fabric bag
  • EPS silo system

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